New Mom's Group

Motherhood is a time of great joy and excitement, but it is also a period of rapid adjustment and emotional change. Many first time mothers have questions and concerns regarding the changes taking place in their lives. Who better to share these concerns with than other mothers. Gain support and insight through commonality with other women led by an experienced and licensed psychotherapist.

Share issues related to:
· Emotional Changes
· Anxiety
· Relationship with Partner
· Breastfeeding
· Infant Care & Development
· Postpartum Experiences
· And any other concerns group members care to discuss

Parenting Group For Gay and Lesbian Parents

Women’s Wellness provides a place to come and share your questions, concerns, joys, challenges, insights, experience and wisdom. It is a way to break the isolation that so often occurs when becoming a parent. Connect with other parents, gain support and learn from one another's experiences. In a safe, supportive environment, we explore many of the emotional and practical aspects of new parenthood.
Each group meets with a professional facilitator and provides a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and make new friends. Discuss developmental issues, expectations of oneself as a new parent, changing relationships with family members and the specific challenges faced by gay parents.

Couples Workshop for Heterosexual Couples

Couples Workshop for Gay and Lesbian Couples

This workshop is designed for all people in intimate relationships, married or unmarried. Here you can enhance an already good relationship or improve a troubled one. Learn to overcome conflict through communication, compassion and a deeper understanding of self and partner. Experience months of therapy in one weekend of intense couples work. Workshop includes lectures, exercises, dialogue and communication processes.

   · Gain insight into the reasons why we pick our partners
   · Understand the cause of power struggles and conflict
   · Learn about intimacy and how it is preserved
   · Discover how to relate in new ways

The workshop emphasizes partners privately sharing with each other. Confidentiality is respected and preserved throughout the workshop. Separate weekends are scheduled for heterosexual couples and gay and lesbian couples.